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Evatac TacLite

The Perfect EDC Tactical Flashlight.

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Complementary Q5 TacLite. Small enough to fit in your pocket, ultra bright, uses standard batteries and it is tough enough to last a lifetime of abuse. You're getting a state of the art survival tool that can double as a self-defense tool, powered by a single AA battery! Stainless and rust proof ... Deep convex lens, adjustable zoom up to 1100ft!
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Click to view Evatac Taclite.

Tactical Drone

The Mini Drone flying off the shelves at an affordable price.

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An engineering and design masterpiece, built to go wherever the adventure takes you. Boasting gravity sensors that detect the ground and other obstacles and automatically change the flight path to avoid collisions. Easily control all functions and device monitoring direct from your smartphone on the APP.

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Click to view Tactical Drone

Twin Engine "Tesla Lighter"

Fuel Free - Flame Free - Smoke Free.

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The inspiration for this product began almost a century ago when a brilliant "mad scientist" named Nikola Tesla developed a simple means for producing free energy on demand. The only problem for Tesla was that powerful people in control of billion dollar companies worked tirelessly for decades to keep those plans suppressed.
The good news is some of Tesla's plans have slowly been leaked over the years.

Even better for you is we've obtained access to one of Tesla's most brilliant designs. And from those plans we've helped create the world's first fuel-free, flame-free, smoke-free lighter.
With this new lighter you'll never need to pay for another disposable lighter, never buy matches, and never purchase fuel again!

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