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2020 December 30th - 2021 January 6th

Welcome in the lobby of UniqueCinema!

Every weekend, I choose 3 new FREE movies and present them in the online cinemas. One surprise movie, one for the family and one for the kids, as well as videos for your cats or dogs (and they like that too!).
On top of that I present eye-opening awakening movies or documentaries and last week I also added The Open Video Project.
Furthermore, you can search for events (worldwide) and buy your tickets.
You can make your choice below.
Have fun !!

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Here I present free movies for yourself, family, kids or animals.

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Here I present eye-opening movies or documentaries. I will not replace these ones every weekend, they'll stay here forever, so you can always watch them again.

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Open Video Project was developed at the University of North Carolina, and targets toward the research community, including those who work with multimedia retrieval and digital libraries.
It contains a huge library of educational videos, even dating back to the 1950s.

Click to find events (worldwide) and buy your tickets

Click to find events (worldwide) and buy your tickets.

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