Going out at Home

Our program for this weekend

2020 December 30th - 2021 January 6th

GoingOutAtHome - Meeting Point

Welcome @ our Meeting Point.
You are on our virtual online party island "GoingOutAtHome", absolute totally coronavirus free!! However, I didn't create it regarding COVID-19, this island was born, just before that virus hit our world. My original view was this: If you don't have any money, place or time to go out and relax, that should be no problem anymore! Every weekend, I choose 3 new FREE movies and present them in our UniqueCinema. One surprise movie, one for family and one for kids. On top of that, I present videos for your cats or dogs (they love it too!), and you can watch eye-opening awakening movies or documentaries, all of that in the online cinemas.
And if you are not in the mood to watch a movie, you can dance in our online UniqueDanceHall, where I present various dj's and music styles, in our 2 dance halls every Friday, for the coming weekend!
You can shop in our UniqueMarket, socialize with other people, like my facebook page or leave comments in the Socializing Area, order and have dinner in the UniqueDining area, visit the Tourist Center to find and buy event tickets, the cheapest flight tickets, hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast, rental cars, or go to UniqueGadgets area to find amazing gadgets, and there is much more!
Literally everything that you see here, I created myself. Every button, every image, every script ... everything, and I did it for you! So, walk on our island and find out what I am creating for you. I keep building "GoingOutAtHome" and many things here will change in the near future, so there's more to come!
Stay tuned, and share our island with your friends!
Have fun !!

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